Hi Everyone, It’s been a while since you’ve seen an update so my apologies, its a pleasure to be writing to all of you again. This week’s letter includes: A Reflection A Brookings Policy Brief On Access to Education in Pakistan A Selection of Vancouver Restaurants
Hello Everyone, I am writing to you from sunny Vancouver BC, after having recently moved back from Boston. The last time I spoke to you I was in the…
Hello Friends Happy New Year! I hope that you were able to take some time off and enjoy the time with your loved ones and those close to you. This…
Back After a Hiatus
Hello Everyone, I do feel rather embarrassed at having assured you of a bimonthly issue and then promptly disappeared for several weeks. I think I have…
Care for the Elderly, Misinformation and Mark Carney
Canada's Higher Education Sector, Safety and Community, Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe
Special Edition - News in Central Asia, and the Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
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